Drexel Men’s Ultimate had a tough start to the fall 2016 season coming out against William & Mary in cold and windy conditions. The team had yet to play in the wind and was evident as they struggled to get their offense flowing and were down early at the half.

Despite still losing the game 10-6, Drexel was able to win the second half after figuring out how to take advantage of the downwind taking many deepshots early and continued this momentum into the second game against Colombia. Colombia was a tough matchup as they seemed to have no problem isolating their handlers and continuously getting uplines against the Drexel defense to walk in scores. Drexel’s offense was able to hold the majority of time to force universe at 8-8. Unfortunately, Colombia made a couple spectacular plays including a layout block and a sliding catch in the endzone on the backend of a huck to win 9-8.

After playing tough competition, Drexel had to take Penn Y. Void was a much easier opponent and Drexel was able to comfortably win the game 9-6.


Drexel continued the round play against Georgetown Y, which seemed to be Georgetown B. The wind was less of a factor on Sunday as Saturday helped prepare the team well and playing lesser competition helped the team warmup and win easily 13-1.

Game 2 was against Georgetown X and was an immediate step up in competition. The wind made it very difficult resulting in many downwind holds for the offenses. Fortunately, Drexel was able to get an upwind break thanks to Nick (Look at the Size of my Hammer) Nugent who found D-Dawg in the corner of endzone with an upwind hammer. The D-line then immediately got the downwind break and Drexel never looked back going on to win 10-4.

Splitting up between Penn X and Y benefited Drexel big time as they were able to again defeat Penn 10-6. Even though it was obvious it hurt Penn not having everyone together, Drexel still showed good signs by coming back after starting down two breaks and shutting down Voids veterans on the field.

The last game of the tournament was a an absolute doozy against Haverford. Before the game started, it was obvious that it was going to be a difficult game as Haverford’s star can comfortably handle or cut and did it at the highest level this past summer for Philadelphia AMP. Drexel struggled to find a solution against him in the first half, but that changed in the second half thanks to the sweet sexy voices of the sideline. D-Dawg braved the matchup against Calvin and was able to force him into turnovers by adjusting the mark according to sideline help. The offense continued to get holds creating another universe point opportunity. It was obvious it was going to be a struggle as Drexel would have to get an upwind break to win. Drexel was able to create a turnover as “Nugget gets his mark to stall 8 and flashes his foot to cause the thrower into a last second adjustment who then sails the disc 2 yards above and 5 yards over his receiver and into Maher’s hands*” to set up the game winner, as Adam Brian  Gabe Jack  Maher then threw a floaty flick to Gabe Brieva, who posterized two Haverford defenders in the endzone on universe point, 9-8 Drexel.

*guest written by Nugget

Up next for Drexel:

  • 11/5-11/6: Fan-favorite Haverween will be full of tricks and treats as the Drexel squad balls out. More info on costumes to come.