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Bring The Huckus Recap


Bring the Huckus was an overall successful weekend for Drexel Ultimate. They went 7-1 on the weekend with their only loss being to Northeastern, the tournament champions, in pre-quarters. It was also the first outdoor tournament of the year for them, which is always an experience especially when it is as windy as it was.

Saturday was a relatively easy day as Drexel was placed in a non-power pool due to Ultiment using last years rankings.

They easily defeated their first opponent, Delaware B:

Drexel then beat Swarthmore 10-6. The game ended with this layout grab and ill-advised, terribly thrown backhand by Nugget (not seen: Watson making a layout grab for the score):


Drexel mostly played man D even with the windy conditions because the opposing teams were top heavy in talent. Drexel’s defenders played DIP 😉 on their handlers which forced their cutters to make plays. They struggled due to the conditions and Drexel was able to cruise to victory in each of their games. They then had an untimely bye after game two, but were able to maintain focus and win their next two games against Rowan B and Salisbury 13-2 and 13-7 respectively. Salisbury ended up being a mental test as Drexel only took half 7-5, but they were able to get the break train going out of half by playing the same hard man D (if you know what I mean) that they played against Swarthmore.


It is said that hammers win games, but listening to baby metal in the morning wins tournaments. That’s what it is right? Based on Drexel’s first game that is not the saying. The wind was even stronger and an up and down win instead of a crosswind. We know that whoever got the first upwind break was going to be set up for the win. Unfortunately, Northeastern got the first upwind break on the 2nd point of the game. Drexel started by trying to move the disc side to side instead of playing huck and D, but a quick turnover on a dump throw gave Northeastern a short field to work with. Northeastern was able to capitalize with some great upwind throws and take control of the game from there. They managed two more upwind breaks and cruised to an 11-5 victory. From the loss, Drexel learned that when the wind is going 25mph at your backs, huck the damn disc any chance you get.

Skidmore decided to ditch after their loss to Navy so Drexel was given a spot into 9th place semis. Gabe was distraught by this win:

Next up was American. The game was close the entire time. Drexel’s zone defense was able to create turnovers, but their handlers struggled to adjust to the crosswind instead of the up and down wind they were dealing with on the previous field. Their offense played extremely well, and were not broken once. Adam scored Drexel’s first 4 out of 5 points on upline cuts to the front cone. Nugget had a layout score thrown by the Bean Stalk to take half as well as the only break of the game. American’s defense could not get back the break and Drexel won 9-7.

The chumpionship… kind of. For 9th place Drexel had to play Syracuse. Much like their basketball team they live and d by zone defense with both their offense and defense playing zone D. This was a challenge for the D line as they were stuck going upwind against a zone defense with not much experience playing zone offense on the year. This was evident until the Nolan threw a huck upwind to Nugget and they were able to capitalize to take half. The D-line did the exact same thing again two points out of half and from there basically had the game won. Brian Doherty finished off the game and thus the tournament with a Callahan. Killa Kent also did Drexel the favor of accidentally taking out their main handler in an unfortunate collision.


Notes from the weekend:

  • Drexel finishes 9th overall out of 41 teams.
  • Drexel brings home another trophy (“9th Place Bracket Champions”).
  • Dylan is responsible for any childish innuendos in this write-up.
Award Recepient
Most Improved Player Kyle Watson
Most Valuable Player Probably Gabe
Play of the Tournament Killa Kent is Born

Up Next:

Drexel travels to “Aquatic City (or something like that)” to compete in Atlantic City 7, where they are the #1 seed for the tournament.

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Notable Absences:

  • Drexel’s twitter game as Kyle “Twitter Fingers” Shallow was busy having a great tournament.
  • Jack Madden (ILLness)
  • Chip (saving himself for High Tide)

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